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DAMIAN GERMAN Photography  & Video Production

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I am a central London videographer with live broadcast studio experience. With over 15 years experience in entertainment and live production sector.  Utilising my A/V  skills I have provided my services for  social media channels, public sector, business organisations, theatrical productions,  schools, colleges, community centres, weddings, launch parties, award nights and seminars/conference sectors.


With online video showing no signs of losing popularity,  digital marketing channels are  increasingly growing trend. Working with select partners I have extended my work with vision mixing , lighting and creating content for video walls and information labs across the UK and managing broadcast solutions in a competitive and time centric environment.


Delivering high-end video / photo packages with bespoke  solutions I have show cased clients businesses quality, branding and style.
Video content adds genuine value through entertainment, interest, talking points, and relevance in your business.

If you would like to know about my skills , work and require more information don’t hesitate to contact me through the web site or my profile


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